Rumble Club: Everything Creators Need To Make Great Content and Streams

April 23, 2024

Are you a content creator who’s ready to Rumble?! We’ve just launched our first game, Rumble Club! Here’s everything Mad Mushroom and Lightfox Games have to offer content creators:

Grab your Founder’s Pack on Lurkit

Rumble Club is free to play, and we have Founder’s Packs for sale on Steam and Epic Game Store that will give you the Super Rumble Pass, exclusive cosmetics, and even in-game currency. Head over to our Lurkit page to apply for your Founder’s Pack now!

Sign up for a Creator Code

Become a Rumble Club creator and earn a share each time a member of your community makes an in-game purchase with your code. Apply now on our Nexus page!

Bring chat into your game with Stream Queue

Rumble Club’s Stream Queue features lets you open up your lobby to everyone in the chat. Easily bring a batch of your viewers in for a round, cycle them out and bring in a new batch for the next. Full details on how to use the Stream Queue can be found here

Drone Cams, Selfies and Events. Oh My!

Check out our Creator Hub for even more helpful tools. Fly the Drone Cam in your replays to make cool clips, take Punchie selfies with the green screen to make great thumbnails, and even shoutcast your own events!

Let your viewers know about our Twitch Drops

The more your viewers tune in, the more cool and exclusive Rumble Club goodies they can get: 

  • 30 minutes - 150 Gold
  • 60 minutes - 300 Gold
  • 2 hours - Random Rare Skin
  • 4 hours - Exclusive 3D Glasses Accessory

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