Playtest Atomic Picnic April 10-17 - New map, monsters, upgrades, and more!

April 8, 2024

Need more co-op action in your life? If you answered yes, we’ve got a playtest for you! Mad Mushroom and BitCake Studio are opening up a new public playtest of Atomic Picnic next week, running April 10-17.

To get in on the action on Wednesday, April 10, join the community at to get your Steam key. We’ll open the playtest up to everyone on Friday, April 13, accessible via the Request Access button on the game’s Steam page.

Here’s everything new in this playtest:

  • The Loner’s Camp: A new hub and lobby for your party of Loners!  Pick your character and loadout, and get some practice on the firing range and platforming course before you set out in the Wasteland!

  • An all-new map: Jump in to Atomic Picnic’s second map, Twilight Dam. Tighter and more frenetic than its predecessor, slay monsters at sunset in the ruins of an industrial dam. 
  • Discoveries & progression system: You’ll start this playtest with one character, one weapon, and one device. Test out our new progression system, unlocking additional characters and equipment via challenges known as “Discoveries”.

  • New mini-boss and enemy: Watch out for the new mini-boss, “Wilson”, and new enemy mobs known as “Berserkers” to challenge your aim, teamwork and movement skills.

  • Seven new upgrades:  Experiment with new, unique builds for most devastating effect.
    • Bible - Bring down an orbital strike surrounding your character.
    • Static Dash - Use of Air Gear charges up the damage of your next attack.
    • Empowered Shot - Boost bullet damage on successful active reload. 
    • Shockwave - Area of effect damage on landing after using Air Gear
    • Dash Shot - Fire a bullet when using Air Gear to dash. 
    • Projectile Pattern on Device - Alters the pattern of your device’s impact.
    • Absorb - Damage taken while using Air Gear heals your character. 
  • A slew of fixes and optimizations: From graphics optimizations and UI tweaks to an upgrade re-roll feature and balance updates, BitCake continues to tweak and improve many areas of the game.

Your feedback on this playtest will be invaluable as BitCake continues to work on the game and prep for Early Access launch this spring. Make sure to hop in the Discord to let us know what you think about the playtest, and for more info and updates follow Atomic Picnic on social.

See you in the Wasteland, Loners!

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