Introducing Rumble Club: Physics-based PvP Brawler Launching April 23!

March 28, 2024

Ready. Set. Rumble! Mad Mushroom is pleased to announce our second title: Rumble Club, a physics-based PvP brawler from the talented team at Lightfox Games. 

It’s the second game in our portfolio, but will actually be the first to launch. Rumble Club launches on PC (Steam and Epic Game Store) and mobile (iOS and Android) on April 23, 2024, for free!

But why wait when you can play it right now?!  An open playtest for Rumble Club has just kicked off, and will run until March 28. Visit the Steam page to play, and join the community at to earn exclusive in-game cosmetics and more!

In Rumble Club players will employ their fists as well as a range of goofy gadgets as they attempt to punch, push, throw, and trick their opponents out of the Arena and into the Goop. With chaotic physics-based combat, frenzied battles take place over a variety of maps and game modes - like King of the Hill, Punch Royale, and Sugar Rush. 

Characters are endlessly customizable, with skins, paints, emotes and accessories to unlock. With cross-save and cross-play, players can get their rumble on anytime and anywhere across PC and mobile devices. 

Launch on April 23rd brings Rumble Club Season 1, with a range of Space-themed maps and cosmetics. The game will be updated regularly, with each new season bringing more unique items and locations. 

For more info, visit, and hop in to the Rumble Club Discord server

Don’t fall. Don’t stumble. Rumble!

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