Hear ye, Hear ye! Rumble Club’s Fantasy-themed Season 2 is Now Live!

June 24, 2024

Hail and well met!  Rumbling regents and Punchie peasants alike can now jump into the fantasy-themed Season 2 of Rumble Club!  Jump back into the slapstick multiplayer fun on Steam, Epic, iOS App Store, and Google Play Store now.

Revealed earlier this month at the OTK Games Expo, Season 2 brings Tournaments, a new mode, maps, seasonal gadgets, and fun cosmetics, all under a theme of medieval fantasy. 

Season 2 introduces a few new ways, and places to play:

  • Rumble Run is a new, grand prix style multi-round mode where only one Punchie can be crowned champion. 
  • Tournaments have been added to Rumble Club! Play in rotating Tournaments this season, earn big rewards for your wins, and make progress on the seasonal Tournament Track.
  • Punchington Castle is a new, full-size map that will appear in all 6 game modes as well as Tournaments. 
  • 4 more new maps featured in Rumble Runs as well:some text
    • Desserted Island 
    • Old Punchie Town
    • Dungeon Depths
    • Walk the Planks

The Space gadgets of launch are now gone, with five new tools coming in to switch up the meta: 

  • Sword and Board - Tap to swing your sword knocking enemies up and then backwards, applying strikes! Hold down to block attacks. 
  • Crossbow - Fire a plunger from this crossbow for a single shot, or Charge up to fire a spread shot of 5 plungers!
  • Faerie Wings - Fly through the air and sprinkle Faerie Dust before you come down with a crash, knocking enemies away and applying strikes. Pick up Faerie Dust to get a speed boost!
  • Horsie - Ride into battle with your lance on the Horsie. Hit enemies with the end of your lance to apply 3 strikes!
  • Ogre King - Go Ham with the Ogre King. Smash your opponents with a big ground slam in a long, narrow cone, sending them flying and applying up to 3 strikes!

Last but not least, a slew of fun Fantasy cosmetics can be earned and unlocked in the new Rumble Pass: from kingly skins to dragon emotes and epic helms!

That’s not the only change to the Rumble Pass, which has been revamped to include three times more cosmetics to earn. Gadget cards have also moved from the Premium Track to the Free Track for better balance.

To keep up with all things Rumble Club, meet other Punchies to play with, and more, be sure to join our Discord.

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