Everything Mad Mushroom Announced at the 2024 OTK Games Expo

June 4, 2024

One year ago, at the 2023 edition of the OTK Games Expo, Mad Mushroom was unveiled to the world. What a year it has been, and the team couldn’t have been more excited to return to this year’s Expo. This year, we brought some games!

Surprise Launch of Splodey

Splodey is a 2D platformer without a jump button! You can grab it on Steam now for less than $10! You can also compete for a chance at a cool $10,000 in Mizkif’s $10k Splodey Challenge.

Reveal of Claws & Chaos

Cute creatures fighting tactical autochess battles in a hand-drawn world on the brink of collapse - that’s Claws & Chaos! Coming to Steam and mobile later this year, you can play a demo now by joining the community at OTK.to/CC

Atomic Picnic Launch Time Frame & New Playtest

The co-op roguelike Atomic Picnic is coming to Steam Early Access soon - this September, in fact! A new playtest has also just gone live, and you can get in on the action at OTK.to/AP.

Rumble Club Season 2 Details

Launched worldwide in May, the slapstick battle royale Rumble Club has a new season coming on June 24th. This one is fantasy-themed, bringing a new mode, new map, and ton of new cosmetics. Check out more info here.

We hope you’ll enjoy tossing potions in Splodey, getting cute and tactical in Claws & Chaos, swinging swords in Rumble Club, and trying out new abilities in Atomic Picnic! Stay tuned for more updates on all things Mad Mushroom by joining our Discord and following us on social media.

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