Mike "Sibs" Silbowitz joins Mad Mushroom as CEO

August 30, 2023

Mad Mushroom Announces Mike Silbowitz as CEO, Leading the Charge to Revolutionize Indie Gaming

[AUSTIN, TX - August 11] - Mad Mushroom, the next-generation influencer-owned indie video game publishing company, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Mike Silbowitz as its CEO. A highly respected veteran of the video game industry, Silbowitz brings nearly two decades of experience and expertise to the helm of Mad Mushroom, propelling the company towards its mission to empower indie developers and shape the future of interactive entertainment.

Silbowitz has demonstrated a deep understanding of the gaming landscape, having worked with renowned companies such as Activision Blizzard, Square Enix, NCSOFT, and KRAFTON. Now, he joins the dynamic team at Mad Mushroom, alongside top creators from the award-winning media collective One True King (OTK), including Asmongold, Emiru, Esfand, Extra Emily, and Sodapoppin.

Mad Mushroom's vision is to transform the indie gaming industry by harnessing the power of gaming influencers and media platforms to provide indie game developers with unparalleled game visibility, marketing, and distribution. With Mike Silbowitz as CEO, the company is set to accelerate this vision, bringing innovative and collaborative opportunities to the forefront.

"I am honored and excited to lead Mad Mushroom as its CEO," said Mike Silbowitz. "With the backing of the talented creators within OTK and our team of seasoned industry experts, we aim to revolutionize the gaming industry. As we move forward, we promise to stay true to our values of empathy and transparency. We'll work closely with indie developers, listening to their needs, and helping them every step of the way. By joining forces with the talented creators in OTK, we can create a community that supports both developers and players alike."

Mad Mushroom is different from traditional publishers. The company is committed to treating indie developers fairly, steering clear of unfair contracts and offering genuine feedback to help improve their games. Through their collaboration with influential creators in the OTK sphere, Mad Mushroom aims to give indie games the exposure they deserve.

“We’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of incredibly talented and experienced executives throughout our journey building Mad Mushroom. But when we were looking for our captain, we knew it had to be Sibs - no one is more pro-indie, pro-creator, and pro-fun, while still fostering the knowledge only a  2-decade career in publishing could bring. He’s our guy.” - Tips

Mad Mushroom's journey begins now, and they invite everyone to join them on this exciting adventure. To stay up-to-date with Mad Mushroom's latest developments and announcements, please visit madmushroom.gg or follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

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